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Old School Whiteboard

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Going through my archives, I found this from a few years ago - the full camera frame images of a timelapse illustration recording for a video for exams board AQA (through production company Twofour Digital if memory serves). The video for the entire film was shot in one sequence and in one drawing session. This is no longer my preferred method of creating these films because leaning over a big table like this for hours is so hard on the back! Also, with this approach the drawing all has to be done in one go without a single mistake, as it can't easily be changed afterwards. An easier way is to draw each part of the image separately then edited it all into a larger image in post-production - then you can do them comfortably seated at a desk with an overhead camera on a sensibly sized rostrum. Normally these are all done in-computer these days but I think if you're seeing a real hand creating a 'real', physical drawing it's so much more engaging and convincing than a fake hand added digitally. (Where I've used a computer throughout, I prefer to leave the hand out altogether and let the drawing draw itself, so to speak.) Also, animated elements can still be added to the video later using drawn animation software. The completed film for this project is still on AQA's website.


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