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Sketchnote infographics: Brain Hack

Since there's a big crossover of skills between animation and illustration - at least the type of infographic/whiteboard illustration of which I've done a lot in recent years - I've been thinking it makes sense to open myself up to the possiblities of infographic illustration, especially this sort of 'sketchnote' style. A good source for practice and inspiration is the many TED talks avaiaable for viewing on the website and on YouTube in which respected scientists present an idea, a concern, or a new technology in the space of ten or twenty minutes. The challenge of illustrating these talks is to squeeze the essence of it into a graphic that can be taken in in a few seconds. Naturally a lot has to be trimmed out, with only the key ideas remaining, but I find these a wonderful exercise. This one was based on a talk by Lila Landowski.


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