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How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled Into Clothes

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Whiteboard style animation is a great tool for communicating complex messages or narratives in an easitly comprehesible and engaging way. One thing I'm trying to do with the medium is to present it in different visual styles that are perhaps not normally associated this this appraoch, or that other creators aren't using. Another is to incorporate more actual animation - as opposed to time-lapse artwork - into the films. Often, whiteboard animation is simply time-lapse illustration... which is fine, because it makes it a very cost-effective way to create short films. It also five as great deal of fleixiblity to the visual styles that can be utilised, though most films go straight for the graphic whiteboard look for its clarity and simplicity. Adding more animation can really bring these films to life and raise viewer engagement to another level, and since much of the animation will be in the form of repeating loops it needn't be prohibitively expensive either. All this makes this appraoch ideal for video installations in, museums and art galleries, where the history and significance of the items on display can be explained in a rewarding and entertaining way.


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