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Whiteboard showreel

The term "Whiteboard animation" is usually applied to a very specific style, but the basic technique is one of time-lapse illustration: a drawing that appears to draw itself (or is drawn by a visible hand) at increased speed as you watch. However I like to experiment with different visual styles and applications for this technique. As long as the images are clear and easy for the viewer to 'read', many artistic approaches are viable. Also, it's possible to add animated elements to each stage of the drawing as it develops, to give the film a bit more vitality.
Traditionally, whiteboard animation is done by filming an artist actually drawing in a studio, but digital production, in which the illustration is drawn directly into the computer, allows for more stylistic flexibility and easier alterations. Images of a drawing hand can be superimposed later if desired.
All the artwork I use in my projects, including whiteboard animations, is created specifically for that project, from ideas I'll discuss with you, to perfectly meet its required style and content.



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