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Some old student work

I've been clearing out the garage, and amongst all the junk in there are several boxes of animation paper, all drawn on during my student days of 1995-98. Mine was one of the last years when it was possible to take a whole animation degree without ever using a computer - all we had were lightboxes, paper and pencils that we had to buy ourselves, and a rostrum camera for shooting out work onto video. There was only one of those, so we had to book time to use it, and everyone had to stick to their time slot - a big headache when we came to shoot our degree films. And of course video was only standard definition, so the only copy I've had of all my college work has been VHS, usually a copy from the U-Matic or Betacam that it was shot onto, and often copy down from that. The paper itself, for the most part, hasn't been out of the box for over 20 years, and all it's been doing is taking up space, bu it seemed a pity to throw it away without first making the best copy of it that I can and seeing it at its best for one. Looking at it now, my drawing is little rocky but for early attempts at animation I think I did quite well. Some things, like a four-legged animal walking in perspective, are actually far more challenging that most of the animation I've ever had to do as a professional. I've rephotographed one box out of about eight so far. Most of the rest is my final year degree film, which I also plan to reshoot, but that'll take a little while longer...


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